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GS Offices Hours are Tuesday thru Friday  9:00am to 6:00pm
Office - 281-570-3383    Closed Saturday - Sunday

They trusted us with guns once.
Now they're so afraid of us that every government agency has swat teams. The US Fish & Wildlife Service, Consumer Product Safety Commission, FDA, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the US National Park Service, NASA,
 and the US Military can police American thanks to the Patriot Act.

Websites of interest
Terrorist Attacks continue around the world, at least Canada knows it's terrorist.
Canada just had a tragic terrorist attack on the Parliament. Our thought are with the family of the Brave Soldier (Cpl. Nathan Cirillo). Sergeant-at-arms, Kevin Vickers, Stepped in to shot the Terrorist dead.

Now we have had possibly two more Terrorist attacks on police officers in the US.

Obama claims executive privilege over 15,000 Fast and Furious docs

The Obama administration is claiming executive privilege over more than 15,000 documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, including correspondence between Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, according to records received Wednesday night by the watchdog group Judicial Watch. READ MORE

Anti-NRA Ebola Theme Infects Media, Spreads Rapidly

In the weeks since we last reported on media attempts to tie NRA to the Ebola crisis because of our opposition to the nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy as surgeon general, the anti-gun echo chamber has continued to promote this absurd line of argument. READ MORE

Who will the Democrats and the Media blame next, Bush.

Backdoor gun control: D.C. sets impossible hurdles for carry permits

The District’s newly minted concealed carry laws require gun owners seeking permits to complete 18 hours of firearms training.One problem: As of Wednesday, the day before a court-ordered deadline for the permitting process to begin, no instructors had been approved to teach the compulsory course. READ MORE for the NRA


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