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They trusted us with guns once.
Now there so afraid of us that every government agency has swat teams. The US Fish & Wildlife Service, Consumer Product Safety Commission, FDA, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the US National Park Service, NASA,
 and the US Military can police American thanks to the Patriot Act.

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What good is it for citizens to have guns when the government has tanks?”

This is one of the best articles I have read on this subject by Bill Owens of Bearing Arms. Obama should read this because it will surely cost this government dearly.
Connecticut set for possible gun confiscation - The war may start in Connecticut
Legislators in Connecticut are expressing concern over the low number of gun owners who registered now banned semi-automatic rifles, prompting some groups to push for confiscating previously legal firearms from as many as 100,000 residents.

People have resisted a law that turns them into a felon, do you not see the writing on the wall. The First state to start confiscating firearms will be like a snow ball rolling down a mountain and very possible the destruction of our corrupt government. These politicians have no idea how dangerous an armed slave can be.

California's Most Ambitious Handgun Ban Now Underway

In 1976, the Brady Campaign, then known as the National Council to Control Handguns, said that the first part of its three-part plan to get handguns and handgun ammunition made "totally illegal" was to "slow down the increasing number of handguns being produced and sold in this country." This month, anti-gunners finally got that wish in California.

America's two largest handgun manufacturers--Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger--have announced that they will stop selling new semi-automatic handguns in California, rather than comply with the state's "microstamping" law. The law applies not only to entirely new models of handguns, but also to any current-production handgun approved by the state's Roster Board, if such handgun is modified with any new feature or characteristic, however minor or superficial. Read More form the NRA

The new BN36 AR style Noreen Firearms
A new AR style rifle but Noreen’s guns are a little bit different. It is a true large and long-action in  30-06 Springfield, 270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington

The BN36 weighs in at 8lbs and sports a 22” barrel. The price is around $2,000 depending on options. Noreen also make a number of other AR and bolt action rifles in large calibers. If 30-06 isn’t big enough for you, check out the model in .338 Lapua. It’s an AR too. See More

Caliber 30-06 Springfield, 270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington
Operation Direct Gas Impingement, Side Charging Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 22"
Weight 8lbs.
Rifling 1-10 Twist
Stock A2
Pistol Grip A2
Sights Optional
Magazine 5, 10, 20 rd.
Trigger Mil-Spec or Optional Match Trigger
Muzzle Brake Noreen Design, 5/8-24 Thread

The New Stag Arms Model 3T
provides the shooter with a rifle that is readily usable with many of today’s shooting styles. Working with multiple law enforcement agencies, a few of which learned speed and accuracy from our 3-Gun shooting team, we have tested and determined the features and configuration which will work best with these new tactics. Utilizing these rifles, shooters are able to produce fast and accurate shots from close to long range as is needed in tactical situations and competitions. MSRP  $999.00       See More

Weight: 7.4 pounds
Length: 32.25" collapsed, 35.75" extended
Action: Semi-auto direct impingement
Chamber: 5.56 NATO - this rifle will also shoot .223, Caliber Marking: 5.56 NATO
Twist Rate: 1/9 button rifled
Muzzle Device: A2 flash hider (Stag Arms Compensator on post ban models)
Barrel: 16", 4140 steel, chrome lined, government profile, manganese phosphate coated
Handguard: 13.5" Freefloat Diamondhead VRS-T handguard
Upper Receiver: Forged and mil-spec 7075 T6 aluminum and a picatinny rail on top
Bolt Carrier: Enhanced Semi-Auto with a manganese phosphate coating
Front Sight: Polymer Diamondhead low profile front flip up sight
Rear Sight: Polymer Diamondhead low profile rear flip up sight
Lower Receiver Material: 7075 T6 aluminum with a type 3 hard coat anodizing
Buttstock: Mil-spec 6 position (Post-ban stock - non-adjustable at the furthest extension)
Buffer: Standard carbine buffer and spring
Trigger: Mil-spec single stage trigger with a non-adjustable 5-8 pound trigger pull
Grip: A2 style plastic grip
Magazine: 30rd (Post-ban versions will have a 10rd magazine)
Safety Selector: Right Hand

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